WTC2024 – Presentación del comité

¡Presentación de los miembros del Comité Ejecutivo de ITA-AITES! WTC 2024 proporcionará una oportunidad de oro para que todos los expositores involucrados en la construcción de túneles y subterráneos intercambien ideas con los principales expertos mundiales en este campo. ¡Esperamos verte en Shenzhen el próximo año #WTC2024



The 2024 World Tunnel Congress (WTC2024), the world’s top tunnel and underground engineering industry congress, will be held in Shenzhen, China from 19 to 25, April,2024.


This congress will focus on the latest trends and sustainable development trends in tunnel and underground engineering. In order to promote the development of the industry and the progress of society, we advocate energy-saving, environmentally friendly, green and low-carbon, intelligent and safe solutions. WTC2024 (Shenzhen) welcomes experts and scholars from all over the world to attend. Shenzhen has many tunnel projects that can be visited and studied, such as Shenzhen Wanghai Road Tunnel, Jihe Expressway, Shenzhen-Zhongshan Link, and so on. We are looking forward to getting together, communicating, sharing, and learning from each other, as well as promoting the development of tunnel and underground engineering, and creating a better future!

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