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26 abril 2022

Tunnelling Asia’ 2022 Underground Space - The Need of the Day

Tunnelling Association of India, Central Board of Irrigation and Power, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited; Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. and Indian Concrete Institute are jointly organizing the following event at Mumbai

  1. Tunnelling Asia 2022 Conference, 24-25th June, 2022, at Mumbai.
  2. Workshop on “Observational approach in Tunnelling: Issues and Challenges22-23rd June 2022, Mumbai.
  3. Annual TAIYM Conference, 25th June, 2022, Mumbai.



This mega event is being organized in series with the earlier conferences organized in 1997, 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012, 2013, 2015 at New Delhi and 2017 and 2019 at Mumbai. Besides, an Exhibition is also being organized from 23-24th June2022, concurrently at the venue of the Conference at Mumbai. More details of the conference and workshop are given in the enclosed bulletin for your ready reference.


The above conference shall provide latest information at international level of knowledge and experience gained in the large scale underground structures and tunnel projects for the benefit of future projects throughout the world, delegates will be provided with a unique opportunity through this conference to facilitate exchange of views and ideas with professionals who have been actively involved in the success of the tunnel projects.


About 300 experts from different countries are likely to participate to stimulate the debate on the challenges met and the lessons learnt with the application of new practices and technologies in the execution of large scale underground projects.


In the deliberations of the conference, we are looking forward to presentations from tunnel experts highlighting their experience and the use of high technology in the developed countries, the resulting problem and the solutions adopted for their mitigation and about the actual performance on ground.  Input of information and experience both from national and international experts in the form of technical papers will be taken up for discussions which may enable some conclusions to be drawn up to recommend concrete action both on a short-term as well as long term perspective.


Keeping in view the importance of the subject matter, we request your organization to kindly consider the following:


  1. Contribution of technical papers on the different themes of the conference.
  2. To be the sponsor of the workshop/conference. (Details are given in the enclosed bulletin.)
  3. Nomination 5-10 officers from your organization for participation in the deliberation of the Workshop as well as in the Conference.
  4. Also participation in the Exhibition at the venue of the Conference.


We look forward to your active cooperation in the workshop as well in the conference.


Your early action in the matter is solicited.